24/11/15 - 24/11/15




We’re launching our new cocktail menu with an art battle! Why wouldn’t we?

We’re putting 10 artists and art lovers up against each other to draw it out to WIN a £100 bar tab at PLY and HAY treats from our pals at Fred Aldous.

Starting at 6.30pm on Tuesday 24th November, we’ll be asking everyone who takes part in the competition to draw the cocktails from our new menu (or your interpretation of them), as quickly (and brilliantly) as possible – and while some of you are drawing them, the rest of you will be drinking them, FOR FREE – as quickly as we can make them, of course.

The creative competition comes in the form of 3 x 20 min rounds and a 5 min high speed round – which amounts to 65 minutes filled with drawing and free drinking!

The artwork will be put to our panel of judges from the creative and food and drink industries who will pick the winner of the grand prize.

If you’d like to take part in the competition, please email us at .

If you’re just in it for the free drinks (and why not), be there at 6.30pm sharp and battle it out at the bar!