6/4/17 - 18/5/17



Immy Llewelyn

PLY x Absolut arts programme

From April 6th Immy Llewelyn will exhibit her photography collection here at PLY, centered around the idea of #LifeWithNoLabels for the PLY x Absolut arts programme. 

 The collection is a visual response to the role of consumerism and labels in society. The collection seeks to address the influence of advertising, and the entrenched labels within it.

 Inspired by the strong bond between the LGBT communities and how the bond had allowed these groups to take back the labels and turn them into something positive and beautiful, Immy feels that the next step is to do away with the labels and “let people just be people”.

 In a society where people are so reliant on labels to divide, separate, and discriminate against others, a life without them may seem idealistic. In choosing nature and flowers, a space entirely free of labels that could never be considered impure or ugly, Immy hopes that her work will help to influence a more accepting world. The work in the exhibition will incorporate the rainbow colours of the LGBT flag, with each of the photographs layered with flowers of corresponding colours. For the exhibition Immy will be displaying a mix of flags and printed images with all unique designs.

 Immy Llewelyn said “For this exhibition I took the composition, lighting, styling and editing into my own hands, enabling me to develop these beautiful and eye-catching images, without labels”.

 Immy’s collection is the sixth in PLY’s #LifeWithNoLabels strand of exhibitions, the concept of which was inspired by the 2016 Absolut Mix limited edition bottle. Eight artists and collectives will be part of the programme, and in September one will be awarded the PLY x Absolut Award for Emerging Talent. The prize is a £1,000 grant to support the artist(s) in their next creative project.

 The exhibition launches at 6pm on 6th April and there will be free cocktails from arts partner, Absolut.